Clearing is a part of the UCAS university application process. It is a way for universities to fill any course spaces they have left for the new academic year. It gives applicants who do not hold an offer another chance of finding a university place.

UWS has always benefited from clearing. Promoting the spaces left on certain courses is very important for the University. The technical limitations of the University’s main site have meant that clearing required its own dedicated website. However, this website also had its drawbacks. It was hosted on a bespoke CMS which was difficult to use, very dated and not particularly user-friendly, nor responsive.

Philippe suggested using his expertise on WordPress CMS to revamp the site on this platform. Philippe then set about developing a website to promote all UWS clearing courses. The goal was to create an easy and attractive process for applying to a UWS course for prospective students. The site that you see pictured here was born from this project. Philippe designed the website himself, respecting brand guidelines and current marketing trends. The results were fantastic. The website not only looked good but functioned well. KPIs across the board were raised. For example:

  • Number of users over the clearing period increased from approximately 9,000 to 15,000
  • Number of page views almost doubled
  • Number of mobile users overtook the number of desktop users. This was likely due to making the site responsive on all devices
  • Thanks to the SEO techniques used, the organic search acquisition rose from 2.1% to 9.8% of total number of users
  • The website captured around 500 leads (a 500 increase on last year!)

The new website template can also be used for years to come. It is easy to update to stay aligned with corporate brand guidelines and changes in the industry.




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UWS Clearing 2016 Homepage - Dive In Marketing
UWS Clearing 2016 Full Homepage - Dive In Marketing
UWS Clearing 2016 Full Science Page - Dive In Marketing
UWS Clearing 2016 Responsive on all Devices - Dive In Marketing
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